The project Let me tell you my story targets the issue of gender based violence through filmmaking and advocacy. 25 female activists have gained skills in film production for advocacy purposes and after extensive training, the participants created five short films. Through these films and ensuing discussions, the project will reach communities across Palestine and Palestinian refugees in Lebanon, promoting a zero-tolerance policy against all forms of gender-based violence, and advocating for gender equality and equal opportunities.

Currently, gender-based violence in Gaza is recording high rates. Gender-based violence in Palestine is not only a result of deeply rooted patriarchal norms, but also a consequence of the experience of political violence. Political violence and war have increased levels of stress, particularly at home, making women more vulnerable to domestic abuse. 

According to a YVS survey, gender-based violence was higher among uneducated women and girls. This is attributed to the acceptance of the culture of violence, continually being generated by the male-dominant society, by uneducated women and girls in Gaza.

Film can play a positive role in raising awareness of gender-based violence. However, the film production industry in Gaza largely excludes female film producers and the issues of GBV.

So far, 25 female activists have increased their knowledge and skills in the field of film production as a digital advocacy tool through training and practical application. Participants’ knowledge of GBV as well as their advocacy skills on the subject matter have deepened. Together they have created five short films which have been screened in Gaza. The films will also be presented to communities across occupied Palestine as well as Palestinian refugee communities in Lebanon.

Ammera Abulrahman, one of the participating activists said: “Participating in the Let Me Tell You My Story project has been an eye-opening experience that I will never forget about. I was shocked by the fact that 50% of Palestinian women and 63% of Palestinian men agreed that a woman should tolerate violence to keep the family together. There is a deep lack of knowledge in our society on how to deal with violence and crises. However, I am happy to see my fellow activists step up to change this reality.”