• First:

One of our many activities in Social Development Center that aimed at serving the local community in Askar Camp during the Corona Pandemic, was distributing sterilizers’ bags to families who had someone affected by the virus to protect themselves when they deal with him/her.

  • Second:

Due to the Corona Pandemic and due to the difficult economic conditions; the Social Development Center in cooperation with UN distributed supplies to poor families in Askar Camp to contribute with them to support their children.

  • Third:

The Social Development Center implemented many workshops with women in Askar Camp about various topics like sexual harassment of children, online harassment and the importance of women’s working outside the home. The center worked through these workshops to raise women’s awareness about how to protect themselves and their children from the harassment with all its types. Also, we discussed with them the importance of women working outside the home and their participation to live a decent life.

  • Forth:

The Social Development Center held a meeting for members of the Board of Directors and the Center’s staff to discuss the activities which was implemented and will be implemented through 2020, in addition to discussing tasks for each employee in the center. At the end of the meeting, the director presented success stories which achieved during 2019 and 2020.

  • Fifth:

The Social Development Center in Cooperation with UN implemented a workshop with some of girls in Askar Camp about sexual harassment to raise their awareness about how to protect themselves from the molesters, through the workshop the center showed them a documentary film about the harassment.

  • Sixth:

The Social Development Center implements a supportive education program with disabled students who cannot go to their schools due to the Corona Pandemic.

  • Seventh:

The Social Development Center meet schools’ directors in Askar Camp to implement some educational and recreational activities with students.