In order to develop the civil society and catch the initiatives coming from the youth in the refugee camp of Al – Jalil, CJC involved two school classes of age 16-17 years from the nearest UNRWA school.

Al-Jalil Association held three different workshops for each group 1) Human Rights and Child Rights 2) Leaderships and 3) Decision Making.

After the training, we had separate discussions with them to know more about their initiatives in the camp.

Group A: consists from 11 youth, their initiative to collect second hand clothes from school students, families in the camp through organized campaign to be distributed for poor and displaced families in Bekaa Area.

The collected clothes were cleaned, washed and ironed by the youth and packaged it in cartons for distribution.

Group B: consists from 11 youth, their initiative is to support the elder people and cleaning two walls in the camp and write messages of the child rights.

They helped the elder people cleaning their houses, prepared for them healthy breakfast.

A meeting was also held where the elderly talked about their childhood in Palestine before Nakba, in May 1948. And a wall in the camp was painted with Child Right messages.

The initiatives went on successful and played an important role in community.